May 19, 2019

Using The Best Local SEO Company Out There

Today I will just give you guys a quick update about how our Marketing is going. We did tell you a few weeks ago that we were hiring a outside firm to handle all our our marketing and SEO Campaigns. Well today I am glad to inform everyone that we did in fact hire and are currently using the best local seo company out there in the US right now. Withing the past few weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in Traffic coming from “Organic” which means search engines, and we have jumped to the first page for many keyword phrases. There is no challenging it, we definitely hired the best local seo firm around town, and we are giving them this shout out today to let them know that we do greatly appreciate their hard work, and we will continue to use them until the company either dies or goes out of business. It has been a real pleasure working with these guys aver the last month, as we have learned so much from them, and continue to learn every day. Their support is absolutely amazing, they always return calls withing 5-15 minutes, no matter what day or time it is. The results they have achieved for us in only this short amount of time is nothing short of magical, and that is the reason we chose to use these guys. We asked them for a list of clients they have worked for and the results they have gotten in the past, and that is one of the reasons hat we did ire them in the first place. If you are going to be hiring a outside company to do Marketing work for you, you always want to ask for proof of what they have done and what they can do. That way you can see in black and white what they have done for other companies and that you are not just hiring a fly by night firm that doesn’t care at all about you or your company. This shout out today is just a token of our appreciation and the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between us both. Since it has only been about a month we can not really say what is going to happen long term, but as long as things keep going how they are currently going, we should be in really good shape for years to come. With these guys on our side there isn’t anything out of our reach, and we intend on taking the whole industry to the next level.

So I guess you guys are wondering who this awesome local seo company is right? Well I won;t keep you guys wondering anymore, the name of the company is Natural SEO Juice and their website is so there you go. You now have the secret weapon we have been keeping close and not letting anyone know about. Please feel free to go ahead and check them out, you are more then welcome to hire them, just keep in mind they are very selective wit who they work with. So do not be insulted if they choose not to work with you, as we have seen them deny many companies before.