May 19, 2019

Thinking About How To Get High PR Links?

This post is going to tell you about the benefits of getting some high pr links and why it will help, and how it can even possibly take your site to the next level. First, let’s clear something up. Links are what help you rank. Not spam links, not forum links, not comment links, and not any type of low quality link. Rather, links from high authority sites are the ones that you want. So now that we know what type of links work, we have to talk about how to get them. Of course you could always just go out and buy high pr links from some random company. Now this can be good or bad, depending on the company that you end up using. If you go with a good company that provides high quality services then you should be good. If you go with some fly by night or overseas site then you could be in for a nightmare. make sure to choose the right place if you do head down this road. The other way to get this links is to contact the webmasters that own the site and ask them to put a link on their site to yours. This tactic is not that easy, specially in this day and age. Why in the world would someone link to your site? Well there has to be some reason, and the only thing I can think of is that your site has something exceptional on it that nobody else has. So now it is time for you to turn your phone off, and start putting together some great content. Whether it is about breaking news, or a celebrity breakup, just compile something that will get someones attention. Once you have that finished you need to reach out to some people who own sites that are in the same industry as you are, but not your direct competitors obviously. Just ask then nicely if they would tell there readers about a new post you created that they will definitely enjoy and tell their friends about. You should contact about 20 people for this, so even if there is only a 10% chance of them doing it, that would be 20 (people) x’s 10% = 2 people. Then you can just keep doing the same thing over and over again, with new pieces of content of course. That is just one way to get these links, and there are far more ways then that. You just have to be really creative and dedicate to the whole process for you to be successful with it. Go ahead and start putting together that epic piece of work now, and then follow what I said above and see the results come in. If for some odd reason that does not work out for you, then you are left trying out other ideas, or you can go with the sure thing and just buy them. I am not directly telling you that it is the way to go, I am simply just giving you the idea, do with it as you wish.

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