February 8, 2016

What We Are Doing

It takes a lot of time and work to build a site and specially to get one back to where it previously was. For this we have enlisted the help of a few outside companies that are professionals and really know what they are doing. The first company we hired is a local seo firm that does some really great work and has a great track record. We were given their name by a friend and they had only excellent things to say about them. We hired them a few weeks ago and so far we have seen a lot of improvement in traffic to our site, as well as phone calls. We will keep you updated as to their work and progress so that you know how we are doing. This company called SEOjus is definitely a top notch SEO Firm located in South Florida. Having a good marketing company on your team is essential in being successful online and we know this first hand. We have had our share of fly by nights and this company is truly not one of them. If your looking for a good SEO Company that knows what they are doing and will give you the time and support you deserve, then I would definitely check out SEOjus before your competition gets ahold of them.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

There as been a lot of talk lately about Instagram and how popular it is getting. So many people worry about how many followers they have and how many likes they get for their pictures they post. Here is the problem though, when you create a new account that means you have zero followers, and if you are not a celebrity, sports play, musician, or anyone famous, then it is pretty hard to gain a massive following. So now you have a few different options to think about for this, one is to buy instagram followers which many people do these days and the other is, well there really isn’t any other realistic option that will get you quick results. If you are going to go down the rout of paying for a following, you have to make sure of a few things, like making sure the company you are dealing with has a good reputation, and do they deliver what they say they will, and will they do it in a natural & progressive manner. The last thing you want to happen is to get ripped off completely, or only getting half the amount of followers you paid for, or them adding all of the followers the same day. That would look completely unnatural and possible alert the admins of something going on. If you go from 0 to 500 followers in a day that just does not look right. So now you have a few things to consider before just hiring any company to do the work. Recently we did a test run with a few companies just to see what was what, and we came to a conclusion that there is only one company that we would possibly use if in fact we were going to buy instagram followers for a account. The test we did included reaching out to these companies to ask questions, like are the followers real or just fake, how fast do they add them, and do they use a bot or is it manual. By the answers we got back, we concluded that there is only that one company we would ever use. The name of that company is Fast Social Fans, and they have quite a few plans and packages to choose from. No matter what your budget is, they will have a package for you. And even if they don’t they will build you a custom package just for you. So go ahead and check them out, you can rest assured that you will get what you pay for from them, and then some.

We Found A Great Locksmith In Santa Monica

Over the past weekend I was on vacation in California, and went to a couple of major cities, along with a few smaller ones as well. While I was in Santa Monica I happened to lock my keys in the car, and I needed to get somewhere really quickly as I had an appointment made for about a week now. I pulled out my mobile phone, opened up my favorite search engine, and searched for the following: locksmith santa monica and wrote down the top 5 companies I saw. I started to call them all one by one taking down information as I went. I asked for pricing of course, then I asked how long it would take for them to get to where I was, and out of the 5 I called only 2 of them were available immediately. So that was great for me, as I only had to choose from 2 companies. Now it just came down to price, and based on that I was able to make my decision and set up the appointment for them to come out and get me back inside my car. About 15 minutes later I see a locksmith van strolling into the parking lot and this was about the time they told me they would be there. So I waved them won, they pulled over to where my car was, and they got right to work. From the time the guy started to the time he was inside my car, I think it only took him about 3 minutes to break in. And that was it, I was back in my car, and it only took about 20 minutes and a few dollars. The whole process could of been much much worse, but since I did my research first, called around and shopped, I got a good locksmith and the best deal possible. I am very proud of myself for handling this like I did. I could of easily made an impulse decision and just chose the first locksmith company that showed up, but instead I took about 10 minutes and checked them out first, which could of helped me avoid a real disaster. Just in case you are wondering who this awesome and fantastic locksmith company is who I used, they are called Flatrate Locksmith and they are fantastic. I will always use them whenever I get locked of my house, car, truck, van, office, condo, or even my safe at my house. I would also definitely recommend them to anyone else who needs a locksmith and lives in the Santa Monica area. They will treat you fair, not rip you off, not bait and switch you and charge you a higher price once they get there, and overall they will do a great job no matter what. I am literally writing this post to give them some recognition that they very well deserve, and since we have this site to write on, we figured why not just let our readers know about our recent experience and give this locksmith company some exposure.

Here is their site just in case you are interested – http://www.flatrate-locksmith.com

Using The Best Local SEO Company Out There

Today I will just give you guys a quick update about how our Marketing is going. We did tell you a few weeks ago that we were hiring a outside firm to handle all our our marketing and SEO Campaigns. Well today I am glad to inform everyone that we did in fact hire and are currently using the best local seo company out there in the US right now. Withing the past few weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in Traffic coming from “Organic” which means search engines, and we have jumped to the first page for many keyword phrases. There is no challenging it, we definitely hired the best local seo firm around town, and we are giving them this shout out today to let them know that we do greatly appreciate their hard work, and we will continue to use them until the company either dies or goes out of business. It has been a real pleasure working with these guys aver the last month, as we have learned so much from them, and continue to learn every day. Their support is absolutely amazing, they always return calls withing 5-15 minutes, no matter what day or time it is. The results they have achieved for us in only this short amount of time is nothing short of magical, and that is the reason we chose to use these guys. We asked them for a list of clients they have worked for and the results they have gotten in the past, and that is one of the reasons hat we did ire them in the first place. If you are going to be hiring a outside company to do Marketing work for you, you always want to ask for proof of what they have done and what they can do. That way you can see in black and white what they have done for other companies and that you are not just hiring a fly by night firm that doesn’t care at all about you or your company. This shout out today is just a token of our appreciation and the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between us both. Since it has only been about a month we can not really say what is going to happen long term, but as long as things keep going how they are currently going, we should be in really good shape for years to come. With these guys on our side there isn’t anything out of our reach, and we intend on taking the whole industry to the next level.

So I guess you guys are wondering who this awesome local seo company is right? Well I won;t keep you guys wondering anymore, the name of the company is Natural SEO Juice and their website is naturalseojuice.com so there you go. You now have the secret weapon we have been keeping close and not letting anyone know about. Please feel free to go ahead and check them out, you are more then welcome to hire them, just keep in mind they are very selective wit who they work with. So do not be insulted if they choose not to work with you, as we have seen them deny many companies before.

Thinking About How To Get High PR Links?

This post is going to tell you about the benefits of getting some high pr links and why it will help, and how it can even possibly take your site to the next level. First, let’s clear something up. Links are what help you rank. Not spam links, not forum links, not comment links, and not any type of low quality link. Rather, links from high authority sites are the ones that you want. So now that we know what type of links work, we have to talk about how to get them. Of course you could always just go out and buy high pr links from some random company. Now this can be good or bad, depending on the company that you end up using. If you go with a good company that provides high quality services then you should be good. If you go with some fly by night or overseas site then you could be in for a nightmare. make sure to choose the right place if you do head down this road. The other way to get this links is to contact the webmasters that own the site and ask them to put a link on their site to yours. This tactic is not that easy, specially in this day and age. Why in the world would someone link to your site? Well there has to be some reason, and the only thing I can think of is that your site has something exceptional on it that nobody else has. So now it is time for you to turn your phone off, and start putting together some great content. Whether it is about breaking news, or a celebrity breakup, just compile something that will get someones attention. Once you have that finished you need to reach out to some people who own sites that are in the same industry as you are, but not your direct competitors obviously. Just ask then nicely if they would tell there readers about a new post you created that they will definitely enjoy and tell their friends about. You should contact about 20 people for this, so even if there is only a 10% chance of them doing it, that would be 20 (people) x’s 10% = 2 people. Then you can just keep doing the same thing over and over again, with new pieces of content of course. That is just one way to get these links, and there are far more ways then that. You just have to be really creative and dedicate to the whole process for you to be successful with it. Go ahead and start putting together that epic piece of work now, and then follow what I said above and see the results come in. If for some odd reason that does not work out for you, then you are left trying out other ideas, or you can go with the sure thing and just buy them. I am not directly telling you that it is the way to go, I am simply just giving you the idea, do with it as you wish.

Contact this company if you decide to go down that path:
Premium SEO Juice – http://premiumseojuice.com

Finding A Good Mover In NYC

Folks, guys, gals, whoever or whatever you are, today you will read about our search for the best Movers in NYC and how we found them. It started out ny a friend of mine that needed to move across town. She asked me if I knew any good moving companies, so I first went online and searched for movers nyc and that returned about 15 thousand results. So I knew I had to find the diamond in the ruff, I just didn’t know how to do that. So I called around and asked my friends and family if they knew anyone, and got a few names from them. Then I started  to do my own research into these companies, one by one and that took me about a full week. Keep in mind that this is a really good friend of mine and I love her dearly. Anyone else I would not even spend that much time doing this for. So back to my research, I called about 10 companies and asked a bunch of questions and tried to get pricing from them. Some were open with me and some said they do not give prices over the phone and that they had to come out to the house to give a accurate price quote. Now I had to set up times for the remaining movers to come out and check out my friends house in order to get a price from them. I did that and made them all on the same day, that way I didn’t have to keep coming back and forth multiple times. After it was all said and done I got my prices, and compared them all together. I finally told my friend what I as up to, and I recommended a moving company based on the research I did. She said that she would contact them and set up the move. A week later she called me and thanked me for finding here a good mover to use. She also said that they did an excellent job and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is moving in NYC anytime soon. The name of the moving company is Serenity Movers NYC and you should check them out via. the link I posted above.

See more about a Moving Company here = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moving_company